Elemental Healing [TM]

What is Elemental Healing™?

Elemental Healing™ is a new energy healing modality that brings you into communication with the consciousness of Mother Earth and her elemental kingdoms for greater health, healing and empowerment. The system was created in 2019 by Calista and George Lizos from their personal experiences with the nature beings as well as nature’s direct teachings.
Receiving a treatment of Elemental Healing™ can create profound shifts in your consciousness, and can support you to feel more focused, confident and connected to your intuitive self. A session of Elemental Healing™ may include hands-on healing, guided meditations, energy attunements and a catered variety of spiritual practices to help joy, health, love and abundance to flow freely in your life. As energy is drawn from the primal elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit you’ll invariably feel in greater balance and harmony with life following a treatment, and may enjoy a deeper affinity with nature, too.

Elemental Healing™ is undergoing formal registration and is the first nature-based healing system to draw from all the elements and elementals of nature. It was created to support both personal and planetary ascension.
What is involved in Elemental Healing™ treatment?
Each treatment of Elemental Healing™ is as sacred as it is profound with sessions catered to meet the intentions of the recipient. In each treatment, a trained practitioner connects with the appropriate elements and elemental energies to meet their client’s needs and to bring about health, healing and empowerment where it’s best needed, be that on a physical or non-physical level.

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