Emotion code

I cannot recall how I found out about the Emotion Code, but I remember obtaining the book that Dr Bradley Nelson, the founder, wrote and voraciously reading it, completely identifying with his wife with regards to her ‘ heart wall’, of trapped emotions.

I too had always felt like an outsider, looking in on life and not being part of it. I had few friends and found it very difficult to initiate conversations in social situations with people I hadn’t met before. I felt comfortable with one or two friends, but as soon as there were a roomful of people, I found myself going very quiet and observing rather than participating.

After I had released  my ‘heart wall’, which took several months as it was unusually large (2 miles!) and symbolically made of steel, gradually but steadily, my life changed.

I attracted a larger circle of friends who had similar interests to mine and felt happier and more fulfilled than I had ever felt in my life before. I finally felt that I was part of life/ engaged with life and I no longer felt lonely and that ‘something’, was missing. Life flowed better and everything felt somehow easier. I also found that I was living more authentically, in that I knew what brought me joy, which I hadn’t previously.

I have since released many more trapped emotions related to other issues and find that certain situations which normally triggered an emotional knee jerk response, no longer do this and I feel more calm and heart centred. I have also released trapped emotions that were contributing to pain and tension in my shoulders and as a consequence I no longer suffer with this. Not carrying as much emotional baggage with me means I feel ‘lighter’ and more peaceful and content in general.

I believe we are all meant to feel this way but this natural state gets altered with the stresses of our modern life and also depending on how sensitive we are. Many of us in the Western world live in a fast-paced, technologically driven world, far removed from the peace and innate healing of Nature. Those of us who are susceptible to this way of living – and there are many of us – become stressed, which weakens the body and opens the door to illness.

The body become vulnerable to infections, toxins, allergies, structural misalignments, nutritional deficiencies, energetic imbalances and trapped emotions. Stress initiates the primitive fight or flight reaction, when it isn’t needed, in situations such as fighting with our partners, sitting in traffic jams, even watching the news! Stress activates the adrenal glands which produce stress hormones which route the blood away from organs to the muscles, getting us ready to run or fight.

This in turn lowers the immune system, elevates our blood fat and blood sugar. Prolonged stress damages the body. The stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol bathe the body tissues for up to 48 hours after one stressful event and if this is continually repeated may eventually result in energy loss, chronic pain and the eventual creation of disease. It is interesting to note that from the point of view of energy medicine, disease is a collection of symptoms caused by imbalances and the Emotion Code addresses these imbalances, not the so called disease itself. When we are caught in a stressful situation, a trapped emotion is more likely to be triggered, which in turn, is more likely to contribute to triggering the fight or flight response. So our body goes in to a tail spin with stress acting as the turbulence dragging us further down.

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