The link between a sad heart and gaining weight

The single biggest unrecognised impediment to losing weight is trapped emotions especially the ones forming a ‘heart wall’. The heart longs to feel love and joy but cannot feel these emotions with any intensity due to the layer of trapped emotions placed around the heart.

This energetic heart wall would have been formed during the time of a particularly stressful event serving as protection but now may be causing you to turn to food as a temporary source of love and joy.

You may also have an addictive heart energy that causes you to self sabotage every time you try and lose weight.

An addictive heart energy forms as a consequence of having a heart wall and again this energy is created out of the hearts desperation to feel love, joy etc. An addictive heart energy is a profound attractor and driving force behind addictions of all kinds.

Symptoms are obsessive, addictive and/or destructive behaviours, cravings for attracting inappropriate, harmful and/or pleasurable things such as negative emotions, sugar, food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, negative emotions, illnesses and conflict. Also an excessive and unhealthy drive to work, exercise etc.

Trapped emotions can also make it hard to stick to an exercise programme.

The Emotion Code finds and releases all of the underlying trapped emotions causing these behaviours, subsequently making it easier to lose excess weight.