The walls around our hearts

So, how do you know if you have a heart wall…?

Do you identify with any of the following?

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Lowered immunity
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Relationship difficulty
  • Emotional ‘numbness’
  • Depression

It has been estimated that 93% of the population have an energetic heart wall made up trapped emotions (Dr Bradley Nelson). It forms at times in our lives when we are undergoing a stressful time – literally times of heart ache and it serves the purpose of protection from further heartbreak. But once you move on in life, this heart wall can block your ability to give and receive love. It also can block you from attracting abundance and from achieving your true potential through an inability to follow your heart or your dreams and this in turn can create depression.

An example of how this might work with regards to forming relationships, is that when you meet someone you like and want to get to know better your love energy has to pass through this heart wall and by the time it reaches the recipient, it has been modified and distorted . Your heart has a strong magnetic field which radiates out in the form of a torus/doughnut and is 12 foot in diameter. This has been measured by a magnetocardiagram. (see

When you feel love for another person it has been shown that your heartbeat shows up in the recipient’s magnetic brain waves! However, if it has to pass through a heart wall of trapped emotions, the recipient will feel something is not quite right about you and may try to avoid you. A heart wall can also cause you to feel not included in your circle of friends. You may feel as if you are looking in on life and not part of it. So it follows that taking down a heart wall will impact on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Many clients also report that life seems to flow better with beneficial synchronicities occurring more often. Many have attracted a partner after clearing the heart wall as well as like minded friends and an increase in business contacts. Most importantly they discover what they are passionate about and in expressing this, feel more fulfilled and more peaceful and content with life.

Read about my experience of removing the heart wall

“The Emotional Code therapy – very gently and in a nurturing way, facilitated by Zorah, has helped me to open my heart. After two sessions where Zorah helped me discover I had layers and layers of deep emotions that have not been released, I could open my heart more easily. I was not able to do this through yoga opening heart sequences. She helped me identify this “oppression in the solar plexus area” that I have felt long before, but that no therapist validated as real. After the second session of the Emotional Code I felt much more sensitive (for three weeks) not only in my feelings but in the chest area too. Opening my heart and being able to talk about my feelings has always been a challenge to me. Meeting Zorah and the Emotional Code that she so generously shares, was a pivotal point for me to continue in this journey of self discovering my vulnerability. I am very thankful to her. Highly recommended.”

Heyoka E. Quito, Ecuador.

“Before Zorah, I had never heard of ‘The Emotion Code’.

After the first session with Zorah, I did get the book and found it fascinating, very simple and it made a lot of sense. When we started our first appointment, Zorah explained how it worked and what she would do, since she is in the UK and I am in the USA. We connected via Skype. Yes, this system works even if you are not in the same room.

Zorah released my trapped emotions and being 54 years of age, there were quite a few. At some point, she released my heart wall. Of course, over the years, I had built a wall around my heart to protect me. It was profound to find out what I made the wall out of!

Now, what happened after the heart was released is most impactful in my life. First, I traveled to Germany to see my mom after not having seen her in 3 years. During that time I had been diagnosed with cancer but was in remission when I saw her. She “attacked” me right away and not being very welcoming when she saw me because I had not texted her for a few days before I arrived. Now that my heart wall was gone, I stood there, looking at her, my heart filled with love and all I did was gave her a big hug. This was truly a heart filled moment for me.

On the same visit in Germany, I also was able to let the love of a man in again. I reconnected with an old friend of mine, and I can feel that my heart wall is gone and I no longer have stuff from the past coming up.

I feel a much greater sense of Self and ‘in the moment’ beingness.”

C Steinberg San Diego, California