Plant spirit wisdom


My Story.

I have always loved plants, their flowers and trees. As a child I was happiest outdoors, immersing myself in nature which at that time also included insects, especially butterflies and moths. I have vivid memories of a honeysuckle in my parents garden which in the evenings smelt like heaven to me and I loved pulling out the stamen of its flowers and tasting the sweet nectar within. I also surrounded myself with plants indoors and I especially remember an amazing coleus I found at a local grocers which contained within its leaves all the colours of the rainbow – or so I thought!

It was many years later with the discovery of shamanism and attending Caitlin and John Matthews ‘Walkers between The Worlds’ programme that I started to receive healing and guidance from the tree and plant kingdom. I found that with a rapid shamanic drumbeat inducing an altered state of awareness, I was able to connect with the spirit of the plant or tree and I now ask, mostly at the time of the full and new moon, for a message that will help humanity.

Through shamanic journeying I have also connected with the Magical Fae of Danaan, also known in Ireland as the Sidhee. Again, I have always been fascinated by the Fae since childhood fueled at first by Brian Frouds books and cards and then later by attending Kim Wilbournes’ telesummits and Alphedia Arara’s channelled meditations. I feel I have only just started to forge a relationship with the Fae and I have written about them in my book, ’The Enchanted Garden’ and their concern over the way humanity is treating the planet. I hope to strengthen my alliance with the Magical Fae of Danaan and bring forth more communications from them in the future.

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