The Enchanted Garden

Conscious Gardening with the Fae and Nature’s Elementals: Now Available to Purchase

“The Enchanted Garden will help you transform your garden into a sacred portal of elemental communication. It’s full of practices, rituals, and a directory of nature spirits you can connect with, to activate peace and magic in your life.'”

“The journeys in Zorah’s book are completely magical and her channeled writing is as soft and otherworldly as the spirits themselves. A whole new way to approach gardening that brings the material and the subtle ever closer together.”

“This beautiful book will have you spellbound from the beginning, full of earth magic and fairy wisdom! I absolutely love The Enchanted Garden and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about nature spirits.”


My name is Zorah and I celebrate my love for nature here.
I have always loved plants and their flowers and trees. – as a child I was happiest outdoors immersing myself in nature. Many years later with the discovery of Shamanism, I started to receive healing and guidance from Queen Maeve of the Fae which served as the inspiration for me to write my book The Enchanted Garden.

This book is for those who love gardening and are also committed to their spiritual growth. I introduce the concept of gardens as being a way to connect to our true nature – and as a mirror to how we approach life. It is also for those who want to connect to the fae and learn more about them, and for those who want to take better care of the planet through tending to their gardens with more enlightenment.
Nature is our greatest teacher, and my book contains many messages from plants and trees to help offer wisdom, guidance and healing.

I continually post more of their wisdom on my Instagram and Facebook pages.
“Nurture your nature” has a two fold meaning: we need to look after nature itself but equally we need to nurture our own nature – our authentic soul expression. I truly believe coming into alignment with nature and her seasons leads to a healthier and happier life!
Based on this philosophy, I am currently on a magical journey creating my own Enchanted Garden at my home using the principles from my book .

If you are interested in receiving guidance and healing from the plants and the trees, I also run a monthly plant spirit wisdom circle here in Worcester, UK. Alternatively, I also conduct regular guided meditations on Instagram Live.

Finally, I am very excited to announce that my current project is the creation of an oracle deck containing plant and tree wisdom alongside the talented artist Elaine Bailey. Here is one of her paintings for the Willow tree.

Watch this space!

Please contact me to find out more