Here you will find information about the Emotion Code, a form of energy medicine, which releases emotions trapped in the body which may be causing physical pain or emotional distress. The Emotion Code restores emotional balance and inner peace and harmony to those who are in obvious emotional distress but also to those where trapped emotions are preventing them from moving on in life. They may be feeling lonely, depressed, anxious or may be self sabotaging. Trapped emotions are in many cases forming an energetic wall around the heart which causes an individual to feel disconnected from people and unable to attract the right partner or sustain a relationship. This healing modality is deceptively simple but brings powerful results. The trapped emotions are located through muscle testing on the client themselves or by proxy, using myself as surrogate and therefore I can conduct sessions from a distance online. Once located, the emotion is released through magnified intention by sweeping a magnet over the governing meridian . I have witnessed the most amazing results where pain is removed, the client feels more at peace with themselves, a new loving relationship manifests or the client feels that they are no longer blocked at a subtle energetic level and they are creating the life of their dreams. The Emotion Code has completely transformed my life, releasing my past and allowing me to wake up to the beauty within and I wish this for you too.

I am also passionate about the healing power of nature and I bring through messages of wisdom, inspiration and guidance from the trees and the plant spirits and the fae. They remind us we are nature and part of the delicate web of life and that together we can co create the new golden dawn of enlightenment. I run a shamanic journey circle and have written a book on conscious gardening with the fae and natures elementals. I feel this part of my work is currently unfolding – so watch this space!