The Enchanted Garden – press release

The Enchanted Garden
Conscious Gardening with the Fae and Nature’s Elementals

Published 28 May 2021 by Clairview Books
142 pp, 23.5 x 15.5 cm, paperback, £14.99
ISBN 978 1 912992 28 7

Zorah Cholmondeley
Healer and plant spirit whisperer Zorah Cholmondeley seeks to revolutionize the
way we view our gardens and the natural world. Introducing the faery
realms, she invites us to witness the tremendous variety and interplay of
life-forms connected to the earth. Beyond the fae, she speaks of gnomes,
dragons, angels and entities such as the Master Pan, all of whom have a
unique part to play in the dynamics and health of our planet. And, it is
their fondest wish that we should become aware of them!
In The Enchanted Garden, Zorah shows how we can become allies with
the fae and other nature guardians – to co-create a world with infinite
possibilities for love, joy and togetherness. In a series of short chapters,
she portrays faery history, introduces her muse Queen Maeve, explains
how to create a garden for the faeries, discusses fears of connecting to
the fae and the importance of fun and reverie, suggests how crystals can
be used in the garden, describes the significance of weather, the moon,
seasonal festivals, and much more. In the second part of the book she
presents communications from the spirit beings of dozens of plants and
trees – from aconitum to the yew tree – with meditations and spiritual
Can we learn to be sufficiently still in order to listen with our hearts to the
natural world all around us, including the subtle ecosphere of the fae?
This book is for anyone who seeks to relate to nature and their gardens
more consciously.
‘The Enchanted Garden will help you transform your garden into a sacred
portal of elemental communication. It’s full of practices, rituals, and a
directory of nature spirits you can connect with, to activate peace and
magic in your life.’ – George Lizos, author of Lightworker Gotta Work

‘The Enchanted Garden brings you closer to nature’s wisdom and will surely spark faith in the magic that’s forever around and within us!’ – Calista, best selling author of Unicorn Rising and The Female Archangels.

‘The Enchanted Garden – enchanting, exciting, informative and awakening, this beautiful book with channeled messages, guided meditations and Zorah’s own story will truly reconnect you to the magical realms of the nature kingdoms. Whether you are a gardener or not, this delightful book will assist you in deepening your connection to the plants, flowers, trees and elementals and return some of their magic into your Earth walk experience. Enjoy!’ – Alphedia Arara, founder of Elemental Beings and author of Messages from Nature’s Guardians and Ascending with Unicorns.