Shamanic Journeying Circle

A shamanic journey is where I will guide you into subtle reality to a rapid drum beat. This puts your brain into a theta state which also aligns you to the pulse of the earth. Both hemispheres of the brain harmonise so that imagery is created which you can participate in and disassociate from your body. It is said that shamanic journeying is different from meditation in that part of your soul makes the spiritual journey bringing back wisdom, healing and inspiration .

Each month we will connect to a different tree, plant or herb (I will be guided by the group) and we will bring back wisdom, healing and inspiration.

More recently, my friend Anneliese Lambeth-Mansell has been co-running the shamanic journey circles and explaining all about the herbs we connected with, from a sensory herbalist’s point of view. She also brought along teas and tinctures, of each particular herb to enable participants to make a deeper connection to them.

Depending on whether you wish to lie down to do the journey or sit in a chair, please bring a blanket, cushion, yoga mat if you have one and blind fold.
No previous experience of journeying is necessary!

These are held monthly (venue TBC) Please note: These have been cancelled until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

I will post new dates on my Facebook page nurtureyournaturewithzorah

You can find my previous plant spirit messages and regularly posted new ones on this Facebook page.