My book – The Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden – conscious gardening with the fae and Nature’s Elementals. A book by Zorah. Artwork by Eleanor.

Publisher – Clairview Books. Coming out 28th May 2021

I am part of the incoming tide of individuals gently waking people up to the consciousness of Nature and Nature’s intelligence. if we co-create with nature spirits and the fae, ours will become a world of infinite possibilities for love, joy and togetherness.

We just need to be still for long enough and listen with our hearts to the natural world all around us, whether it be rock, crystal, plant, tree animal, insect or the subtle world of the fae, nature spirits, dragons, unicorns…

May the star be at your brow,
may the moon be at your belly,
may the cup be at your feet.
In Nature is truth.
Blessed be

Message from the yew tree

An excerpt:

The fairy realm has been long forgotten and passed into the mists of time, emerging now and again as myths and legends mainly for our children’s entertainment. Now is the time to reconnect and learn from the fairy realm how to care for our home.

The wake -up call to look after our planet is happening all over the world as mother earth ascends, carrying us with it. Many souls are departing as they steadfastly refuse to embrace the higher vibration and cling to the old ways, the old paradigms that no longer resonate and work with this new level of light.

As the earth holds more and more light, it will become easier for those of us who have chosen to ascend with her, to connect with the nature spirits and guardians including the fairy realm for this planet. So we must relearn how to do this and the fairy realm has stepped forward to be way showers – gardening the fairy way. This literally means gardening with more enlightenment – being conscious of the energy behind form, the fairy behind the plant!

“My work as an artist is largely based on instinct, simplicity and the use of emotion to produce an end result. Rather than using influence or extensive research, I prefer to solely rely on the feelings that any given subject creates within me. I’ve always loved colour, and believe absolutely that emotions are linked to colour and vice versa. If I focus on a particular feeling there is, for me, an inevitable link to colour. This is the way I like to work; think, feel, make.”

Eleanor Gray

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