Retreat – September 2022

Friday 9th to Sunday 11th September 2022

Arrival at 4pm on Friday and finishing 4pm on Sunday.

Joyful soul nourishing activities for those who love nature

Nature is in everyone of you.

It is a calling to be at one with yourself.

It is a coming home to yourself ,

that still centre within.

Archangel Purlimiek, angel of nature, from The Enchanted Garden book – see website.

Experience the  healing power of nature with guided shamanic journeys, yoga, breath work and mindful crafting in the grounds of Hellen’s Manor, Much Marcle ( The grounds cover wildflower meadows, trees ranging from Wellingtonias and Blue Atlas Cedars to many rare varieties of fruit trees, 150 acres of ancient SSSI woodland comprising of mainly Oak and Ash with an understory of hazel and wonderful views to the Malvern Hills. The gardens include a yew labyrinth, a rare octagonal dovecote, a physic garden and a knot garden.

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What’s included :-

* Shamanic Journeys outdoors (weather permitting) to meet

The spirit of Oak

The spirit of Yew

Also, there is a 1500 year old Yew tree in a churchyard nearby which we shall connect with.

May the star be at your brow,

may the moon be at your belly,

may the cup be at your feet.

In Nature is truth.

Blessed be.

A blessing received by Zorah from the spirit of Yew.

So what is a shamanic journey?

It is when part of the soul takes flight and travels along the cosmic web of subtle reality also called the ‘other world. It is facilitated by the rapid beat of a drum which puts you in an altered state of awareness so that you can disassociate from your body in order to participate fully in the journey. A shamanic journey is always taken with a shamanic ally, often your power animal which leads the way and you can ask questions of your animal ally if you don’t understand what is being shown to you. Shamanic journeys are taken to retrieve wisdom, healing and inspiration. For more information about journeying, see my blog. No previous experience of journeying is necessary.

We shall start the retreat on Friday by sitting in circle and connecting to the spirit of the land to set our intentions. The retreat is 10 days before the Autumn Equinox from the Celtic calendar, when the day and night come in to balance and the sun enters the sign of Libra. From then on the daylight hours will shorten leading us into winter. The shamanic journeys we will be taking, will reflect this changing of the seasons. Our Journey to meet the spirit of Oak on Saturday, will be about letting go all that no longer serves us and prevents us from being in balance to how we live. This release is amplified by the full moon. Our journey to meet the spirit of Yew tree on Sunday, will be about rebirthing ourselves into a new way of being more in keeping with the colder months ahead. We are Nature and in order to be healthy and balanced we need to follow nature’s cycles and respond accordingly, just as the plants and the trees do.

*Yoga – outdoors ( weather permitting) in a modern stone circle. ShaSha has great expertise in modifying each yoga posture to suit the abilities of individuals within the group. On the Saturday the yoga will flow with the theme of release and on the Sunday it will be about coming into balance. ShaSha will also lead a yoga nidra on Friday evening to help us have a good nights sleep. Yoga nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping and is a calming state for the mind and body. This state is induced by a guided meditation that changes brain waves to release emotional tension, slows down the nervous system and allows muscles to relax.

*Breath work is a transformational tool which can clear the mind and energy field. It is also very grounding. As with the shamanic journeys and yoga, on the Saturday Rebeccah will lead us into breathwork for release and on the Sunday it will be about coming into balance.

*Mindful crafting. This session will be on the Saturday and we shall be mindfully painting an Oak king plaque ( an aspect of the Green Man) created for us by Lydia. Mindful crafting brings us into the moment, just as meditation does and brings us into a state of inner peace and serenity.

*Campfire dinner and full moon celebration with cacao and dance in the ancient woodland.

* Goodie bag

And just as important – time to BE has been factored in, to wander the grounds communing with nature. The evenings should be light as the full moon occurs on the Saturday!

None of the activities are compulsory. This is after all, your retreat from the busyness and routine of your life and so if you need time out for yourself as a unique individual, then this is important for you to take.


Zorah – is the organiser of this event and describes herself as a plant spirit whisperer. Many years ago she became aware of a deeper reality of nature after training in Celtic shamanism and connecting with Queen Maeve of the Fae – a facet of the Goddess. Zorah is now witness to a deeper reality of nature which includes plant and tree spirits, the fae, gnomes, dragons and Master Pan – to name just a few. She has made it her mission that we become aware of them and become allies ,co-creating a world where we nurture wildlife and view wild plants and spaces as fundamental to the health of the planet and the fae. Zorah has written a book ‘The Enchanted Garden – conscious gardening with the fae and nature’s elementals’, and runs a monthly plant spirit journey circle  where participants can receive inspiration, wisdom and healing. Zorah also posts this on her Instagram nurtureyournaturewithzorah and she is in the process of creating an enchanted garden and recording the plant spirit journeys from the book, on her YouTube channel.

Shasha is a Senior Yoga Teacher, Usui and Crystal Reiki Master Teacher and Medium. She trained in these modalities in Hertfordshire at Feel Hot Yoga, Universal Reiki and with her Mediumship Teacher Sara Leslie. Shasha runs transformational classes, workshops and retreats incorporating practices from  these disciplines to facilitate healing, integration and profound divine connection. She’s deeply in love with the Sun and the River Severn, whose Goddess Sabrina is her closest Divine Feminine guide. She was first visited by the feminine water deities while leading a retreat in Mexico in 2017 and has been led deeper and deeper on her journey by direct guidance. She was dubbed Priestess of the Temple of Sabrina by her teacher, and medicine man, Antonio Gil in 2021. In her spare time, she can be found barefoot at the river, taking Chinese Tea Ceremony and channeling songs and words from Spirit.

Rebecca is an experienced holistic coach working with people to create conscious change in their personal lives and businesses. Rebecca uses a range of techniques to empower people to understand their inner voice, messages and patterns. Rebecca is passionate using the breath as a tool for transformation to manage symptoms and to cultivate clarity, creativity and calm.

Lydia is a maker of jewelry, specialising in crystals and their metaphysical properties. Her love of creating is what inspired her to set up a sister business @madeinzenuk. She had always found a meditation in the creative process and decided to bring this idea of mindful making to everyday living. Using rituals and spiritually inspired designs to allow the user to find peace and focus through creation.

Dee and Caitlin, husband and wife team, formerly lived at Hellen’s Manor helping to run the many educational and cultural events that are held there. Dee is a chef and will conjure up nourishing vegetarian meals and Caitlin will be on hand to ensure your stay here will be as comfortable as can be.


The retreat will be based on site at the Georgian Stables, which sleeps up to 16 people in 3 double rooms with en-suite facilities and 7 single rooms with shared facilities. Accommodation will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. when you book. There is a large common room with plenty of space to sit and relax. All of the nourishing vegetarian meals will be provided from the large kitchen with a self service breakfast. The price of the retreat is inclusive of meals. See booking form below.

Please note that the grounds are open to the general public on the Sunday but they do not have access to the Georgian Stables.

Retreat Booking Form