“The Emotional Code therapy – very gently and in a nurturing way, facilitated by Zorah- has helped me to open my heart. After two sessions where Zorah helped me discover I had layers and layers of deep emotions that have not been released, I could open my heart more easily. I was not able to do this through yoga opening heart sequences. She helped me identify this “oppression in the solar plexus area” that I have felt long before, but that no therapist validated as real.

After the second session of the Emotional Code I felt much more sensitive (for three weeks) not only in my feelings but in the chest area too. Opening my heart and being able to talk about my feelings has always been a challenge to me.

Meeting Zorah and the Emotional Code that she so generously shares, was a pivotal point for me to continue in this journey of self discovering my vulnerability. I am very thankful to her. Highly recommended.”

Heyoka E. Quito, Ecuador


“Zorah is a wonderful healer! With her loving and kind personality it was very easy to open up to her and talk about the things troubling me. By thinking about how certain emotions are connected to events in my life she already gave me a great insight …

But then the real magic happens! With a method that seems so simple she was able to set my deeply buried emotions free and helped me to release them in peace! I highly recommend this way of healing and the highly gifted Zorah! May she bring peace to your life as well!”

Mailin T. Berlin, Germany


“My cat was frightened of men, other cats and dogs, petrified of the hoover, loud noises or bangs.

Zorah in her empathetic way was able to work out that she had taken on a lot of my fears and within 2 sessions of clearing her energy, she became a different cat. Everyone who met her afterwards remarked on how much calmer she was. She was much more settled and she regained her lost weight. A much happier cat overall.

Thank you Zorah.”

Pretty R, UK


“My first Emotion Code treatment with Zorah was when I was experiencing terrible problems with my neck, and excruciating pain down my right leg.

Having gone through the various stages of trapped emotions, which she released with a magnet, I was able to get up from a sitting position pain free, and a lot of discomfort in my neck released. I would highly recommend everyone to try The Emotion Code.

There are many emotions we bury deep inside us from experiences in our life. If not released, these experiences can prevent us from living the life that we should be living. Zorah is professional, sympathetic and very approachable and I highly recommend her.”

Poole D, UK


“Zorah has helped me so much and has always been there when I needed support.

She has helped me feel comfortable with who I am, given me the skills to stay in touch with me, reduced my anxiety, kept me grounded, guided me and helped me find the inner strength to get through difficult times.”

Hemming B, UK


“Before Zorah, I had never heard of ‘The Emotion Code’.

After the first session with Zorah, I did get the book and found it fascinating, very simple and it made a lot of sense. When we started our first appointment, Zorah explained how it worked and what she would do, since she is in the UK and I am in the USA. We connected via Skype. Yes, this system works even if you are not in the same room.

Zorah released my trapped emotions and being 54 years of age, there were quite a few. At some point, she released my heart wall. Of course, over the years, I had built a wall around my heart to protect me. It was profound to find out what I made the wall out of!

Now, what happened after the heart was released is most impactful in my life. First, I traveled to Germany to see my mom after not having seen her in 3 years. During that time I had been diagnosed with cancer but was in remission when I saw her. She “attacked” me right away and not being very welcoming when she saw me because I had not texted her for a few days before I arrived. Now that my heart wall was gone, I stood there, looking at her, my heart filled with love and all I did was gave her a big hug. This was truly a heart filled moment for me.

On the same visit in Germany, I also was able to let the love of a man in again. I reconnected with an old friend of mine, and I can feel that my heart wall is gone and I no longer have stuff from the past coming up.

I feel a much greater sense of Self and ‘in the moment’ beingness.”

C Steinberg San Diego, California


“On my journey to know myself better, I have attended many courses, visited therapists, danced and done zen meditations and much more… all them have been of help at the time. One of these paths, leading me to learn more about myself whilst held in a space of love, was the Emotion Code. I had the grace to be guided, not in the way of a master-student, but in friendship.

Zorah Cholmondeley is a kind, open hearted wise woman, who walked me through the Emotion Code’s cleansing process of releasing intense emotions that had been trapped for years in my subconscious. (Some felt like eons).

It was a very arduous and difficult task for me to visit my memories and unlock them, but Zorah was fully present with me, facilitating this process with love. She always said to me” be kind to yourself” after each session… meaning to take care of myself and follow my wisdom. Zorah is committed and passionate about her work.

She can help us to dive deep into our subconscious, releasing that which we no longer need and in doing so, rediscovering the inherent light of our true nature. Zorah made me feel that we were physically working together in the same room and yet we were communicating via skype. (I live in Ecuadore and Zorah lives in the U.K) Zorah´s work/joy is such a great service to human beings on earth that if you have the chance to have her as a companion on your personal/ spiritual journey, know that this is a blessing that life is gifting to you.

Gracias Zorah.”

P Polo, Ecuador


“I had an emotion code session with Zorah and it was fantastic. Zorah was absolutely lovely and I felt very at ease talking to her. We removed many blockages around my heart.

At the time I was in a terribly scary place and also had a few tough life decisions to make. I feel this treatment allowed me to move forward and am now in a completely different space. I am in a new relationship and am a lot more trusting and at ease with the flow of life.

Thank you very much Zorah and I will indeed be recommending you to friends!”

V Crowney UK


I warmly recommend working with Zorah. She will support you to see and feel the world in a loving way. Zorah shows unparalleled determination to free you from your heavy and often unconscious trapped emotions and she shares knowledge in many fields in a clear and educational way. You leave her sessions feeling lighter enabling you to continue walking on the path that will lead you to be your wonderful you!


T Anh Geneva, Switzerland