A recent faery encounter.

In the portal of the Scorpio super full moon, I had a magical encounter with a faery race who referred to  themselves as the ‘ sisterhood of the fae’.

First I connected to mother earth and father sky and called forth ,’the faery within’. This aspect of myself  helps me connect more easily to the fae. This the part of me that is fae in origin; a ‘second nature’ self, past-life in origin, where I have lived as a faery. If you are reading this, you will have a, ‘faery within’ and this can also be where you were the product of a faery and human coming together. Some describe it as having faery blood.

 I then  called in Queen Maeve of the fae, who over sees all of the faery realm. She took me to a grassy landscape on a hill. The word ‘chalky downs’ came to mind, and I immediately saw a tiny blue butterfly in this alternate reality that has been  visiting my garden regularly over the last few days.

As we were sitting together on the grassy slope, a doorway opened up in the side of the hill and Queen Maeve disappeared inside, beckoning  me to follow. I followed her down an earthy tunnel that twisted this way and that and along the way met many magical creatures such as dragons and gnomes and many pairs of eyes stayed in the shadows just watching me inquisitively!

 Then the tunnel opened up into a room that glowed with golden light and there stood a tall faery, in a glittering white gown. She had a twinkling crown upon her head which signified to me that she was a faery queen.  She greeted me by placing her hands one on top of the other, at her heart, which I reciprocated. Then she opened my hands and pressed what seemed like a coin into each palm, but which in retrospect, may have been a sigil. She introduced her faery community as the ‘sisterhood of the fae’, and told me that they had been charged with keeping the line of communication open with humanity and to keep vigil over us until  such times as the seers of our realm were ready to meet. The blue butterfly in my garden was an invitation to meet with her. She also told me that she and her people were galactic in origin and showed me 3 sheaves of wheat, which I am still not sure how to interpret! Then she wrapped a silvery cloak of light around my shoulders and led me through a gateway into the land of her people.

At first I couldn’t see and so she pressed her hand against my forehead and then a whole vista opened up before me of what can only be described as the fae going about their business. I was shown many fae engaged in creating things of great beauty. I saw white faery horses adorned with tiny silver bells and silver horse shoes upon their hooves. It was explained that the silver horse shoe was originally a symbol of welcoming the fae and that this was how the fae choose to travel in their world and often in ours too. I was then shown amazing libraries with many rooms branching from revolving stairs of light, within which, was contained amongst other things, the histories of the stars and  also the history of the entwined lives of fae and humanity. During all of this I had such a feeling of peace and deep joy and it was explained to me  that I was picking up on the collective consciousness of the fae who were so content. This was because there was no need to work for money. I have previously been told this is a man-made concept invented by the ‘few’ who seek to have power and dominion over others and that Faeries can instantly manifest what they want. So  lives unfold according to the individual fae’s soul calling/ divine plan. (Money obviously can interrupt this flow).

I was then briefly shown the faery gardens. All of the trees and plants were whispering together and there was vitality and magic crackling in the air. These gardens felt enchanted and were almost disorientating to me. They felt wild in the truest sense of the word and ‘forbidden’, came to mind. The faery queen explained to me that was my cultural conditioning being triggered, where many of us repress our wild nature and correspondingly our sacral chakra. I was shown a vision of the fae coming together in these gardens and dancing in circle and that this was a source of nourishment to them. I feel the need to explore these gardens and the roles they play for the fae,  (with the faery Queens permission) and that this will be a blog for another occasion.

The faery queen then turned to me and said it was important for humanity to seek a connection with the fae,  in order to learn from them ( this is a repeating message I receive from the fae) and that it has been foretold that there will be a meeting of our worlds, where mutual honouring will occur. I asked when would that be and she answered that she couldn’t say exactly when, as much was hanging in the balance, with many time lines and negative interference influencing this convergence. However,  she explained that there is help being offered  from behind the scenes. We can play our part  in speeding up this drawing together of our worlds , by holding the vision steady within our hearts.

So when you wish to meet the fae, set this intention and call in Queen Maeve to help with this connection and to be your guide. Using your faery name will help when being introduced to the fae and a meditation to find your faery name will be on my instagram account @nurtureyournaturewithzorah (live 6pm sunday 2nd May 2021)

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