Ginkgo Biloba /maidenhair tree.

Ginkgo Biloba or maidenhair is a tree native to china and is the only surviving member of an ancient order of plants and is sometimes referred to as a living fossil. Fossils of Ginkgo Biloba leaves have been discovered that are 200 million years old and they are almost identical to Ginkgo leaves of today. This dates back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth! Gingko is rare in the wild. There are only a few natural populations of these trees in China. Biloba refers to the two lobed leaf shape. Generally it is the male tree that is cultivated for ornamental garden use because the female tree’s seeds outer fleshy coat emits a horrible smell like rancid butter once it falls to the ground. Ginkgo can reach 40 metres in height which is giving me second thoughts about planting the potted one I have! But I do adore it and after my incredible healing session with Katie-Jane of @andcrystals and my third eye clearing, I realised that Ginkgo has been reaching out to me for at least a week wanting to bring a message forward.

‘Much has been written about me. *

To you I give a fresh new perspective .

When imbibed I facilitate the leap across the synapses in the brain. Energetically I can take you to a new level of consciousness – a leap in awareness across this current synapse of chaos, from the old to the new.

Your understanding is being limited by your patterning . By this I mean the pathways in your brain that habitually light up as you go about your daily business, living life as you always do. Let us imagine a new template of light that overlays your current physical brain template. This is already here, it’s just in another higher dimension. As a species you are not ready for it to merge with your physicality, but you can access it in meditation/shamanic journeying and whichever practise raises your vibration and allows you to drop into your heart space.

What will this higher brain template of light allow you to do?

Connections are made where there was none before leading to new ways of being and operating in new earth. New possibilities are perceived to co-create with all of mother earths kingdoms.

The reptilian old part of the brain will eventually be switched off. (Authors note – Currently this governs our primitive drive for feeding, fighting, fleeing and reproduction. It is responsible for aggression, dominance and territoriality and can lead to rigid and compulsive behaviour. It also controls all of the body’s vital functions such as heart rate, breathing and body temperature so presumably this would still happen or maybe not, if we have a more crystalline diamond light body ?)

Higher centres of the brain will be switched on, leading to greater awareness of your universal, galactic and cosmic Self and the wisdom you are bringing to New Earth.

Let me be your way-shower to bridge this gap in understanding from where you are now, to where you will be, once new earth is fully present.

Blessed Be.’

* researching what is known about Gingko Biloba  -the leaves and seeds are used in traditional Chinese medicine and there have been numerous studies on the extract of the Ginkgo constituent taken from the leaves. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and has an ability to improve circulation and so is often taken for heart health and is used for stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, memory, focus and attention span including slowing down the decline in Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline associated with ageing. It is also used for those that suffer with PMS and low libido.

The research is not conclusive about all of the health claims made about Ginkgo and there are various contraindications when taking certain kinds of medications such as blood thinners and antidepressants.

With regards to research not being conclusive, I always feel that there is no smoke without fire and that working with the plant spirit is obviously overlooked in our orthodox medical model but if Gingko was taken more consciously, inviting a sacred connection with the plant and asking for help with an individual’s specific reason for taking it, then the healing would be more potent and further insights gained around the condition presenting itself for that individual.

I see Ginkgo Biloba’s spirit as a golden light. When I journeyed with it and rose up to meet this new brain template I see how humanity operates in New Earth.

Everything has a voice and is heard by all not just the few of us at present. By that I mean plants, trees, crystals, animals, rocks, nature spirits, faeries, unicorns dragons ……

The heart and soul run the show. The ego is definitely in the back seat still helping us to have a sense of ‘ I’, but that’s about it. The intellect is no longer held in the highest esteem but our senses are . Not only sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell but also the psychic senses of clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairalience (clear smelling for instance when we smell the perfume from a deceased loved one who is present), clairgustance ( clear tasting)and claircognizance ( clear knowing).

Trees are our guardians and gateways to other realms, holding such incredible wisdom for us now and going forward. Ginkgo Biloba is still present physically on our earth plane to facilitate this upgrade of our brain which is of monumental importance to the evolution of humanity and emergence of unity consciousness.

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