Pond blessing and conscious gardening.

There is a deva that holds the blue print for everything that is in existence and it occurred to me that I would love to hold a blessing ceremony for my new pond – welcoming its spirit into the land and holding an intention that it supports wildlife. All things respond to love and flourish.  So I connected with the deva of the pond earlier this week and was puzzled when this message came through.

‘Connect with your magical inner child and play. She is the divine child of Gaia and by virtue of her being in a state of wonder and heart presence, will allow your creativity to flow, bringing new ideas to you as you co – create your garden with the nature spirits and fae.’

I didn’t immediately see the connection and thought that this message had come through from another source until I revisited my Elemental Healing practitioner manual that I attended online during the first lockdown. Calista and George Lizos ran it and it was one of the most magical experiences I have ever had where my inner child was literally jumping up and down in sheer joy. There is a section on water elementals and more specifically mermaids who are ‘master healers at helping detangle our emotional body so that we can allow the things that are important to us to blossom in our lives’. There are 3 types of mermaids – mermaids of the ocean, lake and rivers. for the latter these include forest pools and waterfalls. There message is to live in the moment and be heart centred where it’s easier to be joyful and spontaneous and they communicate that play moves life. So how wonderful that there is another amazing source of wisdom within my garden through the creation of a pond!

My fountain isn’t connected yet to the electrics, but I was shown that moving water creates composite elementals of water and air helping energy to flow and the water to become more vital and creates negative ions which enhance our mood through increasing our levels of serotonin. I had an experience of how joyful fountain/waterfall elementals are when I visited Hampton Court in Herefordshire one summer with a friend. We were a bit naughty and went and sat right by the waterfall in the sunken pool area where it is sectioned off! after a few minutes there we became really giggly and joyful and both felt it was due to the elementals.

Water with no movement can attract a lot of mosquito larvae which ours has done so we need to get on with installing the fountain. Of course the frogs, bats and birds visiting our garden will feed off them too.

Earlier this week I sat on my decking in meditation, connecting to Gaia, the Genius loci of my land and the spirit of the pond, asking how to conduct a pond blessing   – welcoming its presence  into the garden . I became extremely excited when I connected to a mermaid in the pond. Honestly I did question myself! but she was there and it may be that if we love something enough ( and I do love mermaids) then they respond to our consciousness and become manifest.

I was shown to place rose quartz, snow Quartz and fuchsite around the pond, first connecting my heart to them, sending them love and asking if they would like to radiate their gorgeous energy to the pond. I then prepared the crystals for a mandala in the same way, and placed them with flowers with the intention that they would bless the pond and welcome it. I intuited to use lemurian seed crystals ,a lemurian light crystal, lemurian aquatine calcite, larimar, blue lace agate and a garden quartz in the centre. I then placed a few drops of sacred water into the pond , collected from around the world, that had been gifted to me at the end of my Rhiannon priestess training. This I intended ,would act much like homeopathy, in that it would introduce a vibration into the water of sacred healing that holy wells confer. The pond feels energetically to be more present and vital and I intend to screen it off from sight from the house with trellis and plants so that it is accessed by a meandering path through the garden.

The planting around the pond needs to suit this wilder part of the garden and so after meditating with the genius loci of the land and the spirit of the pond, I have recently added  the following plants alongside the nettle patch :-

Greater knapweed, welsh poppies, thalictrum/meadow – rue, foxgloves, evening primrose, ladies mantle and more formal planting with verbena  bonariensis, burnet sanguisorba ‘squirrel tail’, and erigeron karvinskianus. Many of these had self seeded in pots and so I have transplanted the seedlings across.

The Honesty have been planted as seeds taken from the plants in my last garden. As they are biennials they should flower in their second year and set seed again. The variety I have sown has a white flower and lights up a shady corner. The leaves are food for the orange tip butterfly and the silvery white pods that contain the seeds look wonderful in dried flower arrangements .  The backdrop to the pond is the native mixed hedging I planted this spring so it will hopefully support wildlife and is designed to be an undisturbed part of the garden and thus will be attractive to the fae.

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