Surrendering to our true nature

Our true nature is often layered over with conditioning from our childhood which then shapes our adult life experiences too. We end up operating from our subconscious ego’s fears and the trapped emotions acquired throughout our lives resonate and confirm these fears, through attracting more of the same life experiences. In my case the conditioning presents itself in the form of being too busy and overly organised.

Yet we have entered Pisces season and the best way to navigate this is by surrendering -‘flowing with’, rather than ‘battling against’. In the surrendering we accept that there is something larger than ourselves which is directing our earth walk. Call it Goddess, Spirit, Universal consciousness, whatever has meaning for you. My being overly busy with an itinerary of things to do is definitely not the way to be right now, or ever, for that matter! Once we surrender we are far more likely to be aware of our soul calling us home to ourselves, facilitating a deeper connection to our true self. Calling us to take time to ‘be’, to nurture ourselves and to create something for the sheer joy it brings us and hopefully which will be of service to others too. In my case this centres around connecting to the wisdom of plants and trees and receiving messages from them. I also am planning a course/ workshops based on the information in my book, ‘The Enchanted Garden – conscious gardening with the fae and natures elementals’, (which is currently being proof read). This is my inherent nature. But I do struggle with surrendering and this is where the Emotion Code can be useful. It is extremely effective in removing blocks ( trapped emotions) in the way of how we wish to live our lives. So guess what I am doing over the next few days! By releasing the blocks to my personal challenge of surrendering, I will be more able to go with the flow and experience the blessings of experiencing life in this way.

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