Surrendering to our true nature

Our true nature is often layered over with conditioning from our childhood which then shapes our adult life experiences too. We end up operating from our subconscious ego’s fears and the trapped emotions acquired throughout our lives resonate and confirm these fears, through attracting more of the same life experiences. In my case the conditioning presents itself in the form of being too busy and overly organised.

Yet we have entered Pisces season and the best way to navigate this is by surrendering -‘flowing with’, rather than ‘battling against’. In the surrendering we accept that there is something larger than ourselves which is directing our earth walk. Call it Goddess, Spirit, Universal consciousness, whatever has meaning for you. My being overly busy with an itinerary of things to do is definitely not the way to be right now, or ever, for that matter! Once we surrender we are far more likely to be aware of our soul calling us home to ourselves, facilitating a deeper connection to our true self. Calling us to take time to ‘be’, to nurture ourselves and to create something for the sheer joy it brings us and hopefully which will be of service to others too. In my case this centres around connecting to the wisdom of plants and trees and receiving messages from them. I also am planning a course/ workshops based on the information in my book, ‘The Enchanted Garden – conscious gardening with the fae and natures elementals’, (which is currently being proof read). This is my inherent nature. But I do struggle with surrendering and this is where the Emotion Code can be useful. It is extremely effective in removing blocks ( trapped emotions) in the way of how we wish to live our lives. So guess what I am doing over the next few days! By releasing the blocks to my personal challenge of surrendering, I will be more able to go with the flow and experience the blessings of experiencing life in this way.

The Body Elemental

Recently I have been working with my body elemental ( as well as Goddess, which I will post about next) addressing physical problems in my body. As well as myself, many of my friends are struggling at the moment with various symptoms which I feel is largely because we are not giving ourselves regular time to just rest and Be, which is when things rise from our subconscious and we become aware of where we are out of balance and what we need to address, so this Being time is integral to our self care. All solutions to our problems are always found within us first and then we will attract the right sort of help, if we need it, in our normal waking reality.

I invited some friends to my home, where I led them on a journey to meet there body elemental and they all received interesting information on core reasons for their issues and received healing within the journey and guidance for what to do in their waking reality.

So firstly, what is a body elemental and what does it do?

Tanis Helliwell of says that all living beings have a body elemental, another name for which is the etheric body and that this body elemental is with us for all our lives. The body elemental is like an architect and reads the blue print of what that being wants to become and grows it into its highest potential. Our body elemental comes in at the point of conception in order to grow our body. It also knows our personality and puts that in too and our spiritual resources from past lives. So it creates the entire form in which we live and yet we are ignorant of it. The magic is that if we get in touch with our body elemental then we can heal ourselves at the cellular level and work consciously on our evolution, looking at what we need to develop in ourselves and what we need to release

Here is a guided journey to meet your body elemental for healing.

First imagine golden roots from the soles of your feet burrowing deep down into mother earth, through the soil, rock and crystals, past the inner aquifers and inner cities of light, right down to the molten core and then with intention, step through into the soul of mother earth, Gaia. Rest here a while, enveloped in Gaia’s loving energy and then breathe Her love up into your body, through your earth star, root, sacral, navel and solar plexus chakra into your heart chakra. From here breathe Her love into your physical body, into your etheric body and into your emotional, mental and spiritual subtle energy bodies. Then take your awareness to your crown chakra and travel up in your minds’ eye through the cosmos, up to Source, God/dess/All That Is. Rest here awhile and with clear intention draw this energy down through your transpersonal chakras above your head, through your stellar gateway, your soul star chakra, your crown, third eye, throat chakra and into your heart chakra. Let Source energy mingle with Gaias energy and then breathe this out into your physical body, your etheric body, your emotional, mental and spiritual subtle energy bodys. Taking awareness back into your heart chakra, feel yourself whole and complete unto yourself, the whole/holy child of mother earth and father sky.

From this balanced and centred place take your awareness down to your sacral area. Imagine that your sacral becomes a golden labyrinth and that you are standing at the entrance to it and that at the centre resides your body elemental. Take time now to walk this labyrinth with growing curiosity at every twist and turn, at meeting your body elemental. Finally you take a turn into the centre and there before is your body elemental uniquely clothed in the imagery taken from your consciousness. ( I see mine as a flame but it equally could present itself in a personified form). Take time to thank your body elemental for all that it has done for you in this lifetime and all of your life times – really feel the magnitude of this task it has undertaken for you.

Now ask your body elemental to lead your awareness to a part of your body that there is an issue with – that is out of balance or disharmonious, whether it be at the level of the physical and/or the corresponding emotional, mental or spiritual aspect. Ask your body elemental what is the underlying reason for this issue – what is it trying to communicate to you?

Then ask for an animal, plant, tree , crystal or your healing angel to step forward with medicine for this area of your body/subtle body. Allow yourself to just be in this medicine, staying aware/witnessing the feelings, colours, sensation and/or receiving guidance and clarity for a way forward with this issue in your life. Then ask for an affirmation to repeat daily that will continue with this healing.

When you have finished, thank your body elemental for all it has shown you and the healing it has facilitated and send it love. Return your awareness to your sacral area and make your way back out of the labyrinth. Take time to become aware of your surroundings and come back to normal waking reality.

This journey can be repeated as often as is needed and form part of our regular self care as well as facilitating an ever stronger conscious connection to our amazing body elemental.